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This is one of the major legs of improving healthcare and bringing down costs. I'm not sure why they stopped talking about it after 2010. Glad they are moving forward on it.

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Imagine you had a heart attack and went to the hospital. In order to save you they perform angioplasty, but in the process they fuck up and inject an air bubble into your heart which causes your heart to stop for 20 minutes and causes your kidneys to die... You make it out of the hospital alive, but now you're stuck on dialysis for the rest of your life and you'll never get better unless you get a kidney transplant... Is $250,000 enough?

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Sen. Rand Paul is unable to stand right now.

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Gonna need a quick rundown on this and see if anybody has any thoughts, but I think this is kind of horrible. Maybe jaw-droppingly horrible.

Ostensibly, tort reform is sold by politicians as something that makes a crowded court system less crowded and makes insurance cost from frivolous lawsuits less expensive. On the surface tort reform sounds kind of good.

But I see it more as of a total corporate giveaway: more corporatism than free market. Since damages could now be limited, a lawsuit is now not as big of a deal to a big hospital or healthcare system. So the incentives towards careful patient care that minimizes mistakes and encourages hiring the best doctors (say born and primarily educated in US rather than in some 3rd world shithole) are greatly lessened.

And in the rare case that a doctor makes an egregious mistake (you go in to remove the right testicle and the doctor cuts out the left one, doctor fucks up some surgery egregiously and leaves you paralyzed, forgets to wash hands before surgery and infects you and you have to amputate arm, accidentally leaves a scalpel inside you, whatever) and your pain and suffering costs are capped. Is a quarter million sufficient for the worst medical errors?

Everybody has seen frivolous lawsuits, so tort reform is kind of an easy sell to the public, but in a worst case type of scenario, it feels like the actual victims get screwed to me.

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And in the rare case that a doctor makes an egregious mistake

happens a lot more than you want to think.