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Good for Rand.

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And for thousands of potential victims of those weapons.

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Trump is the Military Industrial Complex's Bitch

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That was Clinton.

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That may be so. But why does him blocking an arms deal to a government like the Saudis have anything to do with him whoring himself to the Jews? Genuinely curious here.

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I have questions

what is the prophecy of Christ about the 2nd temple, what passage is it from in the bible

what is a cobaola, zohar, and hasetic movement

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Paul is pretty consistent, and incidentally is often the contrarian..

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Indeed. Personally, I have about the same view of Rand (and even more so his dad) that many conservatives have of Bernie Sanders. I don't always like what he has to say, but he's clearly a man of principle, who argues from fact, not feels. I can't help but respect that.

Frankly, I think we ought to burn the whole house of lies to the ground, write a new Constitution, and appoint a Sanders-Paul-Mattis Triumvirate in lieu of a single President for a while.

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Paul-Mattis maybe. I respect that Bernie seemed to be principled in the primary, but he is a total pinko communist bastard, and I don't want him anywhere near the white house. Also, don't forget that for all his "principles", he has a net worth > $500,000 and owns two homes.
If he were really concerned with helping the poor to the degree that he ran his platform on, he would be redistributing some of his own dough.

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The Roman Republic had the position of Dictator for that purpose. In a constitutional or otherwise emergency the Senate could appoint a Dictator, who had exactly one year to found, undo or reform institutions, arrest anyone, wage and end war and do a lot of other things as he saw fit without any legal repercussions or checks and balances, and then had to remove himself from political life as soon as his term elapsed.

The mechanism was much more self-balancing as it may sound. The politicians who could appoint a Dictator were the same ones who would depower themselves and put themselves at the mercy of the Dictator, so it was automatically an emergency position that was only filled as needed, and only after extreme vetting of the potential Dictator.

It was a mechanism that saved Rome's bacon many times, but it was also the mechanism that ended the Republic when an appointed Dictator called Julius Caesar found that one year wasn't enough for him, and permanently changed the Republic into the Empire.

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I like Rand. He's Ron Paul Lite. Not nearly as good as his father, but he'll probably go further because if it.

Sanders, however, is pretending to be Kucinich, but lacks the intelligence and integrity. I don't agree with Kucinich on numerous spending/domestic issues, but at least I can respect him following his principles.

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Or how about an executive council where each member gets elected on different years so we don't have this insane change of policy every four or eight years.

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Paul is consistent in failing to achieve anything.

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That's the best you can hope for out of government.

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He's one senator out of one-hundred, what do you expect.

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America desperately needs more Ron and Rand Pauls.

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Gotta get on that stem cell research. Clone em, but enhance them so they have super strength and can read minds and shit.

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Calm down Mr. Anderson

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I do hope this is some sort of planned collusion. Trump doesn't want to, but has to for some reason, so gets Paul to block deal.

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It's possible. Rand's relationship to Trump has always been cool, but nothing but professional, and after the primaries they have been able to return to a working relationship where Rand honoured his promise of endorsing Trump (as opposed to the #NeverTrump clowns).

A Good Cop / Bad Cop routine where Trump gives in to the establishment demands and Rand torpedoes it could be to mutual benefit, and thus within possibility of a deal.

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Like healthcare 1.0?

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Could you give me a short refresher on this deal?

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He wants to give a bunch of weapons to a bunch of sand niggers.

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100 billion bunch of weapons systems. But then again the petro dollar exists on the agreement that usa defends saudi. So this game plays out like this, everyone makes noise then saudi gets guns anyways or else the dollar is not actually worth anything and oil holds its value so they will end up bartering the weapons for food and gas.

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lol no dipshit, TRUMP IS THE SWAMP

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Such a well reasoned and presented argument. How could I not be convinced?

Please, kill yourself.

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There are aspects of trumps policy which many trump supporters myself included may disagree with. That hardly makes him the swamp. Get back to me when has has his third helping of ice cream and we'll talk.

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Rand Paul is a national treasure. Here's to hoping he runs again in 2024.

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Understandable. I don't mind this sort of infighting.

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This ain't infighting, this is normal, healthy fucking debate over whether we ought to be selling weapons to a literal state sponsor of terrorism, which we shouldn't.

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Based Rand. Fuck Saudi Arabia.

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Yet 16 years ago the Saudis funded 9/11.

Why do the general public not give a fuck anymore?


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