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Is anyone against this? I don't think those people exist except people with connections, which shows that our democracy doesn't work. Does anyone want to devil's advocate?

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If you honestly audit the Fed and find out what folks like Ron Paul believe to be true it might wreck the US economy/Dollar in the short term.

The Fed argues against the Audit by saying it will be used to politicize the Fed, in other words an audit will make people question whether it should exist in the first place.

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But it shouldn't...

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The argument I've heard is if the recipients of Fed loans are identified, that would be counterproductive to the loans since the recipients would be stigmatized in the market.

I agree with auditing the Fed but I'm not going to hold my breath. We've already seen significant audits of secretive agencies like the CIA and NSA (via e.g., Snowden and Wikileaks) but there still hasn't been a significant movement to disband or reform either of those.

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More like the time to end the Fed.

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(8) it that time of the season for audits. (8)

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Yeah, good luck with that.