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Notice how it's everyone else's fault.

Cops, white people, government, clintons, etc.

Never our own.


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They've interrupted Sanders, Clinton, and Trump speeches. Are they for Ted Cruz or Kasich? For some reason I don't think the "black activists" have really thought this through, but what else is new?


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It's just because we finally need a black president because only a black president can understand the plight of the black community. Oh, wait...

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Asians actually have the highest average income and succeed despite things like affirmative action working against them. If anything they are the demographic that succeeds despite public policy.

I agree though partially. Black people embrace excuses as a whole way too much and that more than not enough assistance is the issue. Then again you have plenty of shitty gakked out white people on the doll so it's not like any race is made up solely of winners.


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work myself into the top 80 something percentile of our our economy

That means you've achieved more than 20% of the population, not 80% as I assume you assume it means.


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BLM are going to get more people to notice it too.

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I really don't know. I feel like the progressives would just find another group to "victimize" and hold back. I'm not blaming the government per se, our faults are our own but there are plenty of other "disenfranchised" groups that can be used as "victim slaves". Take the Native Americans for example.

I do know crime, education, and social welfare drainage would improve. At least for a little while.