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So we got a bunch of two bit politicians, really not more than political hacks throwing rocks at Trump ? For THIS? Tastefully done partial nudes for a national magazine ? And she has a college degree, speaks 4 or 5 languages and is a super model. This is First Lady material if I ever saw it. Especially after this:



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She would make a damn fine first lady.

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The "First Tranny", also known as "Wookie".


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Bad trigger discipline.

But best-looking first lady potential.


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I like how GQ trued to throw cold water on the notion that it was a SuperPAC and not Cruz. From what we learned, Cruz endorsement from Carly, Make America Awesome & Liz Mair are connected to Carly, $500g transfer to Carly's PAC from Cruz albeit a considerable time before this aired. A deep seated hatred from the never trump crowd to do whatever it takes for Cruz to get all Utah delegates.

Cruz says he knows nothing but it doesn't jive when you have a well orchestrated attack. Add a few media types thought it was ridiculous attack. But as soon as Trump did his retweet, it was everybody's turn to pounce on Trump. This became the equivalent of section A11 of your newspaper, Trump's actions front page.

I'll leave you with this, they goaded Trump and he took the bait. More of the same will play out.

P.S. i would jizz all over Melania. FHOTUS First Hottie of the United States.


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Not so sure about her trigger displine there Lou