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Note: Totally undecided, I don't really care for any candidate, I think they're all different branches of crazy.

Here's my theory: Most of the people who hate Trump fall into two categories:

1) Baby Boomers who believe anything they see on TV.

This group is the easiest to explain and understand, they're easily manipulated by the media, and because the media tells them not to like to Trump and be angry at him, they are. Meanwhile, they do no further research, and the issues don't really matter to them at this point because they've emotionally decided he's bad.

2) Millennials who have been raised and trained by the education system to respond hostilely towards micro-aggressions. Pretty much every other word from Trump's mouth is a micro-aggression because he isn't politically correct. All the cherry picked tv clips of him on repeat, and all the memes are triggering the millennials over and over again who have been trained not to speak or express themselves like he does. This is why the media gives him so much coverage, it is forcing people to react emotionally to Trump in anger for reasons they don't fully comprehend.

If you accept that the whole purpose of political correctness is to control people's language and how they express themselves, then its easy to understand why an entire generation of millennials are reacting to him the way that they are. The mass media is purposely triggering them emotionally to dislike Trump by painting him as a racist, and comparing him to Hitler. That's really all they have to do to convince people that Trump is bad.

The irony of this situation is Trump isn't the one who took their freedoms away to begin with, or who forced political correctness on them in the first place which is far more responsible for why they're angry then anything Trump could ever say. If you actually look at his anti-establishment policies he is actually trying to return some of the freedoms that have been taken from both of these generations more so then any other candidate. Hillary wants to restrict rights more in the name of whatever the hell you call this society we live in right now, or Bernie's socialist America which would likely force even more restrictions and regulations on society.

If you actually pay attention to Trump's intention, he truly believes he is trying to help the American people. That doesn't mean I agree with him, just saying he wouldn't put his family through this if he didn't believe in something greater than himself. I'm sure he wouldn't mind the power that comes with it, but theres a greater ideology driving him and the media is doing everything they can to distract people from that and they are using every trick in the propaganda handbook to do so. I've never seen anything like it.