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You've never met black peoples that weren't born in America. They really do hold a grudge against black Americans and those that uphold affirmative action here. Everyone here assumes that black people shouldn't be trusted in medicine or some important trade because of affirmative action, and rightly so. Black people born outside of the US hate black Americans for this reason, among others.


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I've got a friend from Kenya. Nicest guy I've ever met, and hard working. He's told me multiple times that he hates hope how black people act here in the US

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Knew a Nigerian. One of the most upstanding guy. Funny too. And great at work. He was a co-founder of a startup (he was an insanely good programmer), and I think he's rolling in millions now and has founded several companies in the last decade.


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This is true, but you can't ignore that the ones who are allowed in here have been filtered - also, when they arrive, the government already has a decent job lined up for them.


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I remember when I still went to Church, they had a guest speaker, a Kenyan man, who was a traveling preacher over there (I'm not going to make this about religion). Though his English wasn't the best (better than passable, he just wasn't fluent), he was the most well spoken black man I had ever met at the time. He was extremely kind, and gladly stood for hours as we questioned the hell out of him (not in a bad way, but I was 8 so memory is fuzzy). I do recall his answers to two questions though. His favorite thing about America, was cheeseburgers of all kinds. He was amazed how we could put meat on bread and every single place he went to tasted so incredible and different. That a bunch of us loaded up and took him all over the state, paying his way to sample probably more food than he saw in 4 years in the rural places he visited in his home country. The other questions was: What do you dislike the most about America. His answer: black people. He said they were prideful, nasty (coming from a man who has seen some of the worst, if not the worst* poverty on earth. He said they are hypocritical, he hated how they act, how they think they are African and have African names. He listed several more things that I don't remember. but that struck me pretty hard, because that was the time that I was being taught in school how blacks are "African-Americans" - never just "black". This incredibly nice man who was enthralled with our incredible, vast wealth (even a homeless, dirt poor American is doing OK compared to the poor he has seen - at least there are dumpsters with food, they aren't naked, there are soup kitchens, and there are people with extra money and a kind heart who will occasionally buy food/clothing/etc for them), this man who was so full of kindness - he preached and gave his own clothes away to white and black alike in his country, and immensely enjoyed his time with our 100% white church in our 80-90% white state, absolutely could not stand American blacks, and he was black as a night with no moon himself.

I'll never forget that.


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I've met a few black people from Africa, and I wasn't able to get a word in edgewise to ask, since they were steadily bitching about the littlest things, trying to save a few cents on this or that.