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/pol/ is hard at work digging through these as we speak. One anon already found this.

The fucking Rothschilds man!



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Wow, that email reads like a love letter.


I would love to see you

Much love, H


Shillary confirmed for lesbo.


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Should we start referring to her as Slick Hilly?


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They're chummy because Lady de Rothschild has been a zealous supporter since Hillary's earliest days as a political mouthpiece for the rich and powerful. She is one of the major donors who supported the Clintons in every federal race, including Slick Hilly's 2008 presidential campaign.

It's safe to say that the woman is a feminist, but I'll leave off applying the "raging" adjective for those who might be better informed about her.


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These are the emails she printed and gave, not the +30K she deleted before they could access them?


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I can only assume that's the case, though I have no idea. But with that large of a number available, even if they have been filtered, I am hopeful that the scrubbing was not 100% effective. I'm curious to see what /pol/ can find by the end of the day.

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I've been saying it for years and been called a kook, a loony, and a conspiracy nut. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers straight up rule the world as a shadow committee. It's hard to tell for the most part but the signs are there. When Deus Ex came out, lots of people thought it was far fetched, what with references to the Trilateral Commission, FEMA, etc. Now-a-days, it isn't so far-fetched to see a bleak future which is controlled by corporations.

While most history books will tell you that the Rothschild family was at its height in the 19th century, this simply isn't true. Their fortune may have been overly apparent back then but as the world progressed into modern times they shifted their influence from overt to covert. Through funding, backroom deals, and corporate acquisition through shell corporations, many modern companies pay heed to them in one form or another whether those companies are aware of it or not.

In modern times, it is consider anti-semetic to say this as it relates to aggressive Zionism. I'm not trying to pull an Amalek and say "kill all the Jews!" but people have to realize that by controlling the banking industry you effectively have the world by the throat and groin. Keep in mind, however, the original Rothschilds were very pro-Zionism and quite vocal about it.

So how does all of this tie in to Hillary? Well, the evidence presented here is that she has close ties to the Rothschilds and I feel that this makes it clear that she is 100% in the pocket of one of the wealthiest and influential families on the planet. As we move toward a globalist state of economy, who do you think will be at the top? The bankers, as they control the flow of large sums of capital. By obtaining a United States President, this paves the way for a controlling monopoly held by a single family. I truly think this could be a realistic outcome.

ADDENDUM: Downvote if you wish but provide a reply as to why. In all honesty, I would rather be a kook than a wiseman for on something like this is it far better to be wrong than it is to be right. Perhaps my wording makes it sound all diabolical and crazy but I would ask how you could phrase such a situation or rather, explain how such a situation is literally impossible.


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I've always had one thought/question when it comes to this sort of thing: Why would they let information on them out? If they control everything, why not stop anyone, even on the web, from saying anything about it? Some sort of 'filter'? Why would they allow an images like this one: to exist?


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What's wrong with that email? Other than the Rothschild name that is.


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You have to read between the lines and decrypt the hidden message where they plan to meet up and eat babies.