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The thing is..... HE'S RIGHT.

If a terrorist understands that his actions will cause hardship for the rest of his family, he'll rethink that beheading. Ask yourself why Russians seem to have fewer problems with terrorists than the west.


[–] Yorn ago  (edited ago)

effective != morally acceptable

What happens when they choose to take out families/religions for opposing policy decisions? That comment went way too far.


[–] Spaceballs-1 ago 

The thing is, do you know how often you have to use this kind of nuclear option?

Only once.


[–] Proppa 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Because threatening people's friends and families is a disgusting mob style tactic, maybe. One commonly employed here in the states, actually. Steven Avery comes to mind, and when they don't do things like that they severely threaten 'family men' because they know they'll plead to whatever they want to continue supporting their family. That's their goal, because men struggling to keep their family safe wont look behind the curtain too much. Pile on charges and classes and testing and whatever else you want, label them publicly as criminals so it chokes their revenue stream, they'll be so busy scrambling that you can get away with whatever you want, meanwhile you and your chums count the stacks pouring in and laugh.

TL;DR yea it's effective, the same as it would if you kidnap their children and hold them hostage.


[–] arrggg ago  (edited ago)

I swear, what kind of wimpy bullshit are they teaching in schools lately?

Its called WAR. That's why people avoid WAR, because the goal of war is to fuck up everything your enemies hold dear, their economy, their cities, their friends, and their families. Then the winners get the spoils of WAR, the gold, the goods, the oil, and in the old days rape the women to dilute or wipe out their race. (islam still preaches this tactic)

If the damn islamic terrorists don't want us to fuck up everything they hold dear, they shouldn't fucking declare WAR on us. Trump is simply stating the facts of winning a war, if they attack us we will hit them back harder stronger and faster than they thought possible, and that includes killing their families.