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When factories return to the United States how many jobs are generated? I thought that all of the new factories are automated.

There are the temporary jobs setting things up and the lower number of permanent full-time jobs.



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I thought that all of the new factories are automated.

They are, the thing is, is that our economy is advancing to the next step and there is nothing that can stop it. It is the same thing as the Industrial Revolution where the majority of Americans were supported by farming and the jobs were disappearing into the cities, automation is a good thing it vastly increases manufacturing and the U.S. is producing almost double what it was producing 20 years ago, it is a massive expansion of wealth. The top 10 highest paying jobs after a 4 year degree that are in high demand are all engineering, just as after the industrial revolution you were fucked if you thought you could get by farming the nearby future you will be fucked if you think you could get by on basic labor and like I said no one can stop it, it is the pure nature of a free market. Just don't make the mistake of thinking there are less jobs, there are the same amount of jobs its just most people can't meet the qualifications.


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Just spitballing, but taxing corporations with high degrees of automation, and giving tax cuts to businesses with higher amounts of basic laborers could possibly curb the dwindling of low-skill/low-education jobs.


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So not many paying jobs for people who have a good work ethic but not a lot of education or intelligence. The first one can be addressed, the second one can't.

edit. The wealth being generated doesn't matter to people who aren't getting a piece of it. So what if some rich wall street speculators are making additional fortunes.


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You're deluded if you think there are just as many jobs as there were in 2006. The current trend will continue and there will be reduced opportunities for the majority of people. A few will benefit.

edit. There has already been a jobless economic "recovery."