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He’s a white-people problem.

Fascinating. Cops killing people - "it's a white-people problem".

Illegal immigration - "it's a white-people problem".

Black lives matter - "it's a white-people problem".

Disproportionately high crime rates among minorites - "it's a white-people problem".

Blacks killing each other indiscriminately - "it's a white-people problem".

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Back when they were all disparaging the God Emperor, calling him a buffoon/stupid/there's no way he'll win the nomination/etc, I think I knew what was really going on in their heads.

Now that he’s been shown as so blindingly unstoppable they are full on shitting themselves, and praying to John Oliver to roll back time to when [CURRENT YEAR] actually worked.


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White people should feel insulted by this. They should feel ashamed – as white people – of Donald Trump. Whites need to stand up and say that they will not allow Trump to hijack their culture, or to conduct his racist politics in their name.

Don't let Trump hijack your culture by trying to protect it, let blacks and Muslims hijack it since they constantly say it's evil and blame it for everything while refusing to leave it! They won't return home because it's a god damn nightmare there, but since they seem more than willing to make your culture and homelands shitty as well you should let them.

I'm not really a big fan of Trump; wouldn't vote for him though I appreciate a public figure who speaks his mind and doesn't bow down to criticism, offering a paint-by-numbers apology to placate the SJWs until they move on to the next outrage flavor of the week. But be ashamed of him because we're White? Fuck off.

The Muslims rape or blow up buildings and we hear "it isn't all of them". Blacks commit an endless wave of crime or burn their own nations to the ground and we hear "don't judge them all by the actions of the few". Trump says things that don't fit their narrative and we hear "White people should be ashamed". My parents didn't teach me the racist views I have, authors and articles like this did. Fuck these people.

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Blacks get 230 bonus points on their SATs too.

I actually started seeking out Asian primary care physicians and dentists for my family as soon as I found out they are docked the most.

I'd rather get the best of the best of the best, rather than the best of something that is not the best.