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Good point, but I was more wondering about the reasons the western leaders implement these policies that allow for invasions like this to happen. What is the end goal of Merkel?


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Globalist elites that want a one-world government of lower IQ people that are easy to control. They flubbed it here though with trying to go too fast. My tinfoil theory is that there are people on our side who pushed it to happen this way, or "spark the creation of the 4th Reich" as you put it. It does make sense. The sand people could have easily ran over Europe if they only bided their time and did it over 100 years or so. With the current situation, it's now hit the tipping point. Anyone who can still think critically and do basic math is realizing that if current trends continue, ethnic Europeans will be wiped out, relatively quickly. The next tipping point will be realizing that the migration crisis must stop immediately. Then that it's not enough and all immigration from Africa and the Middle East will be banned. Then they'll realize that not even that is enough, with skyhigh Muslim birthrates and over half of them unemployed, we'll have the final tipping point when Europeans realize that they must have ethnic nationalism if they want to survive.

Who is President of the United States at the time the first country decides to take that plunge will affect what happens next dramatically. If we have a Trump in office, I predict that the nationalist country will have success, and you'll see several Eastern and Central European countries break from the EU, and form their own military alliance to keep their identities. If a globalist like Obama is in office, he will try to declare war on them. If that happens, I think the U.S. military will fracture and a civil war or military coup will result. American soldiers aren't going to be able to handle killing white people to force them into ethnic cuckoldry this time.