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My conspiracy senses are tingling so hard after watching this..

I mean what is to be gained my trashing Europe, and by who?


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Anarchy = Martial Law

If people start losing their shit, like you are already seeing, it will only be a matter of time before martial law is set in motion.

Look at the back lash and organization from citizens in countries for things like the Cologne attack, they are going to go straight vigilantly style, because the government is letting it happen and the people are not going to let it happen. Guess what's next..........Martial Law.

It's all about money, usually, in this case, power.

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You are probably 99.9% right.

The same way there is no conspiracy to hold down black ghettos with liquor stores, just Barnes and Noble won't do so well in those area's and the problems worsen.

I believe that thinking from different perspectives helps to understand this history as it happens.

That being said, I do not see a Zionist angle here.

Maybe EAU subversivly making investments in a future in new lands?


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That's a load of horse shit, if you are seeing it in the news, it's happening for a reason.