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The main thing is that they all deserve to be punished for white privilege. They need to be raped by migrants before they understand that diversity is a strength. They must assimilate as many backward migrants s they possibly can in order to maintain that slavery that is practiced to this day by non whites.


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I think your handle is actually an extremely good description of the agenda shown by Sarkozy and Barbara Spectre. That is another term to describe the Great Invasion aka the "Impending Islamic Holocaust" . "Cervical Strike"

Keep up the good work.

Can you edit a couple of version of this video with some innocent intro footage like girls doing makeup or perhaps a gay rights march? Something that will appeal to people who need to be aware of this and wont knowingly watch a movie about this. That would allow the footage to survive long enough in some other forums where it could reach people and chang esome minds that otherswise wouldnt see it.

Perhaps some footage of a fashion tips thing or celebrities on a red carpet? If we can get young women to see this then they will be the ones who will be most effective in combating the propagandists promoting the Impending Islamic Holocaust by the New Holocausters.