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Its so important that people see the clips of Sarkozy and Barabara Spectre at the end to understand that this is an actual policy by very high placed traitors to europe who are open racists against white europeans. Sarkozy and Spectre are ultimate proof that it isnt nazis that are the problem. It is the highly placed officials who are openly saying they have the goal of exterminating the mild mannered regular reproductively responsible traditional population of europe.

This is like some Orwellian nightmare that this is happening.

I think Sarkozy and Spectre and Merkel decided to open the floodgates to immigration this past year because they realized they werent going to have the time they thought to continue the process quietly. In reality this is a lucky thing because it will provoke the needed backlash. The frog of the fable has now sensed that the water is boiling and its beginning to figure out it needs to take action before it is slowly boiled to death.

Ironically the falling birthrates in the west would have been the exact reason medical advances leading to near immortality for most of is would have been ok without overpopulating the world. If this Great Invasion succeeds and birthrates rise you can forget that possibility.

The answer is to kick the invaders out. You cant win a population birth rate race with them.

Also anti invaders need todopt the word usurping tactics of the others. That means take words theyhavd spent ma y years cultivating to mean positive thijgs in the eyes of the public and now use them for other things to first present your idea in a positivelight and also prevent them from using the words in the old way.

I highly suggest people start calling this "Great Invasion" just that and also call it the "Islamic Holocausters" because so many youth have been trained to beleive the Holocaust means something that must be opposed. Words are important. Get on any call in radio show or tv show and call it "the Great Invasion" and "the Islamic Holocausters." And call the invaders the "Islamic Nazis" or "Islamic Holocausters ".

Use the propagandist's own carefully cultivated words against them just like they redefined "gay" to mean homosexual and took the symbol of universal hope and fantasy ...the rainbow... And made it the flag of homosexual rights.

Europe needs a "flower resistance" or a "lambs resistance"or a "puppies rebellion" or something where the symbols are so innocent that when combined with protestors against the Great Invasion the media cannot make the resistance look bad.

Perhaps all protesters against the " Islamist Nazis" should always take their puppies and dogs with them and carry flowers. Then it will be very hard for the media controllers to protray them as bad. Also protesters against the Great Invasion need to take their own pictures and videos that show the protesters in good light and form swarms of posting groups on twitter etc to get the images into prominence.

There also need to be huge "flower resistance" vigals at the site where the young girls have been raped by these Islamic Nazis. There should be laying of flowers at the rape sites as big as what was done for Princess Diana.


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They take getting cucked as mandatory punishment for being prosperous white people minding their own business. They think that they must be raped by dindus as mandatory punishment for wanting to live in peace. They must be punished for their lack of great vibrancy.