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I think a lot of the rationalization of not supporting Ron Paul comes from people who envision him as having absolute power if he was elected president. It's funny when the same people excuse Obama for not being able to accomplish any of his stated goals.

I wanted to stop the senseless violence and overreach of power, and Paul would have only had the political capitol to tackle those key issues and a few others. I highly doubt a Paul presidency would have seen the eradication of the FDA, the Department of Education, or the EPA. There wouldn't have been the support needed to accomplish those things, even if he wanted to put them on the high priority list.


[–] DorkJedi ago  (edited ago)

But you also have to look at the big picture. loot at the Congress we have right now. Full of overbearing teabaggers and bought-out Kochsuckers. A President that aslo wants to delete the EPA, DOE, and all the other regulatory agencies = massive disaster we might never recover from.