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We are 20 times more likely to die from guns than other developed countries according to a left leaning political checking site that includes criminals and suicides in the count.

There, fixed that for you.

Let's look at some real data from the FBI and other official counts.

It looks like violence overall increases without the ability of citizens to defend themselves, weird. It also looks like if you don't count inflated numbers this is highlighted even more.

A quick check of the interwebs also reveals a conservative estimate of around 60,000 defensive uses a year and an up end of 33 million.

It's almost like this is a really complicated issue, and the inanimate object is not at fault. You know, like the war on drugs or prohibition.


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What's wrong with including criminal deaths & suicides when talking about gun violence? Also I don't see what your point about defensive gun use with regards to my argument that US citizens are 20 times more likely to die from guns as citizens from other developed countries.

Also I think the implication in "left leaning political checking site" is that they're using skewed data. I couldn't find any data they cite that comes from any partisan sources or advocacy groups. If you want to discuss specifics about potential flaws in data used I would be interested in engaging with you.

Speaking of sources cited that video cites exactly one source for it's US crime data, the FBI's national crime data. There have been investigations into that data and that have found it to be flawed for use in analysis:

Also I didn't see anywhere he compared the definition of violent crimes between the studies he cited.

Beyond that I don't see what this video about overall violent crimes has to do with my point that Americans to gun violence at an incredible rate compared to every other developed country. Do you have any data to cast doubt on this statement? That fact alone would seem to me a good reason to outlaw guns.