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Hello, I'm interested in this debate and don't hold any strong opinions on it. I ran the numbers and produced a graph of guns per capita versus homicides per capita in developed countries (because comparing the US to Honduras seemed pointless).

Here is the graph, data obtained from Wikipedia

There seems to me to be some data that suggests that more guns leads to less homicides because a line drawn from Chile to Switzerland contains almost all of the data which depicts a negative correlation between gun density and homicides - except for the US which is an outlier for both guns per capita and homicides per capita. However, the reality is that there's a band of countries (the majority of developed countries) with low homicide rates that seems to be fairly independent of gun availability. There are outliers to this band that are seen above it and have been labelled.

What is the opinion of the pro-gun side on why the US has such a high homicide rate despite having such a high gun density?

Disclaimer: I am an Australian.


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Non-Hispanic Whites make up 63% of the US population. Comparing the United States of America to racially homogeneous European nations, and not comparing them to Honduras, is either ignorant or intentionally facetious.


A comparison to Australia:

Australian Population: 23.5m

White: 92%

Homicides: 430 (2013)


"White America" (Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, South & North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)

Population: 23.5m

White: 86%

Homicides: 444 (2013)

Average Gun Ownership: 36.73%


You might want to double check my copy-pasting and averaging of those stats, but I believe I grabbed the right column each time.


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Here's your answer. You ready?

Niggers + Gun = Trouble


[–] ad_astra 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Serves me right for commenting on a post by a guy with a white supremist name.


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how about poverty + gun = trouble?