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this was started by feminists, if i get 50 upvotes i will write a template that you can copy and paste to send to york university and complain that this is sexism and that inequalities faced by women in college is obviously bullshit since there are more women in college than men.

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Sir Malcolm Grant,

It has been brought to my attention that the University of York will not be marking International Men's Day this year despite the continued trend of a falling number of men entering into the University of York, and in spite of the Equality Act of 2010. I have noticed an increasing pressure for silencing of men in the name of equality. While I agree that we have not reached gender parity in society, I do not believe that equality can be reached by unilaterally focusing on women's issues. By ignoring the plight of male victims, and the gender based discrimination of men within social, political, economical, and educational fields we are in turn marginalizing and infantilizing women. This is done by creating a narrative in which only women exist as victims. International Men's Day is a time to show boys and girls, women and men, that all people can become victims and that all people need to be respected regardless of their gender, their sex, their sexual orientation, their race, or their religious beliefs.

If we cannot mark International Men's Day, then what message does that send to a girl who has become a victim? I believe it tells her that only women are hurt, and I believe that this demeans her and further it also internalizes her victimization as a girls only problem. This type of message is harmful to both girls and to boys by creating a narrative in which silently states that boys are strong and not harmed while girls are weak and are the only victims of abuse. Equality is knowing that we are all vulnerable to biases and discrimination, to abuse and disenfranchisement.

The University of York has a female majority student body. By marking International Woman's Day and not marking International Men's Day, we send a message that women need to be coddled and men do not. We send a message to young men that they are not important, and that their struggles are not worthy of notice. This disenfranchises boys and men, aggravating the already existing problem of gender inequality in the education system. Young men are discouraged from joining clubs and activities, from joining fraternities, from speaking publicly, and now from even being considered as possible victims.

I urge you to mark International Men's Day today, and give voice to the young men who are not attending university because they do not believe that they are valued. I urge you to mark International Men's Day to tell girls that they are not weak or lesser than men because they are a victim and men are not. I urge you to stand up and fight bilaterally to find the middle ground of equality. Not just for men, not just for women, but for everyone of every sex and every gender, of every race, and every religion. The University of York is an institution of higher learning, it represents the great minds of our society and should not be promoting dishonesty in its public messages.

Thank you for your time, * Name Here*


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OP didn't provide a link. what a dumb faggot.


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I believe that the uni OP is talking about is the actual York uni in UK


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i should have known the bill and melinda gates foundation would be part of this.... melinda gates funds radical feminists all over the world.


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oh.. well i can look up the info on that if you guys are ok with a yankee writing your stuff.


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I already sent them an angry email. I think this shit is ridiculous.


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you should really edit that link to point to the right school. This was in the UK, not the US.


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ok i did, thank you for pointing that out to me.