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Well said. I think the main thesis of a documentary like this should be-- well if you really want equality, including across genders, look at all the problems that affect men, are seldom talked about, and consider then what equality would really mean. In the end, anyone ought to take the common sense view that "equality" as it is commonly conceived is ill-defined and impossible to implement, and quite possibly much worse for everyone involved.

There are some men's issues that probably do deserve to be considered by legislatures and whatnot. Apparently divorce court in Canada in particular is a complete fucking nightmare, and absolute racket. Look up Dave Foley divorce-- he talks about it with Joe Rogan.

The other bit about conversation degenerating into horrible sexism-- I think a huge part of that is just that most guys no longer have a place besides the internet and places like redpill or MRA forums where they can be uninhibited. For centuries it has been an unspoken rule that men and women have separate social spheres where they can just be themselves. Men can bitch about women and objectify them for sport and so on. And women can bitch about men and mock their ill-fitting pants or small penises or whatever. It is healthy to have that segregation at least part of the time.

I haven't had an outlet in person where I can be uninhibited or enjoy some sexist humor or objectification for sport in a long time. I don't hate women. But for whatever reason it helps cope with the fact that the sexual attraction to women is so powerful. If you don't take women off the pedestal in your mind by trashing them, it is easy to slip into being a momma's boy or worshipping them or whatever.

I had this internship, and there was this one woman on our team. I was a sophomore in college and the other guys were all older, most of them married. We would go on walks for lunch pretty regularly and we would just trash the woman endlessly and just be as crude and cruel as we could be. In a way it was horrible, but honestly it was just for sport. It was a fucking blast, and it indoctrinated me into a world where men weren't pussies, and weren't ashamed of their own dirty minds. And in person we always treated her with respect, and didn't really have anything against her personally. She was just the easiest target. I look back on that time really fondly. I haven't had a situation like that in a long time, because my guy friends these days are pretty PC/bluepill/whatever, and I no longer want to risk my job by trying to talk shit with the coworkers. Sadly, the internet is the only place where I can still do that kind of shit. And it is getting increasingly annoying the fact that more women are showing up on the internet and trying to shut down the last place that guys still have left where they can be themselves. I'm being a little hyperbolic there but it really is a drag.


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I just googled Dave Foley, the kids in the hall guy. Damn he was with a BPD'er. That's the worse roller coaster to ever get on.


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Not my ill-fitting pants :(