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Actually there is every indication she will give a fair share. A that and every SJW on Twitter is opposing and trying to discredit her now.

Her interview with Sargon was great.


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<<hopes internally>>


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She's playing her cards close to her chest when she's asked what her beliefs are. I believe she assumes MRAs will be upset that she merely presents their case dispassionately rather than as passionate as a religious convert. I believe that is her reason for fearing being honest. However is is refraining from revealing her beliefs now that she's made the documentary, so you can still be 100% correct.

I hope she hates on "Feminist tactics" and MRAs equally and presents it as if the Rotfrontkämpferbund and Sturmabteilung are back from the dead and tearing up our society from its roots. I don't even care which is which.


[–] Cid ago 

Wow she even hit up SoA? I was surprised to see Elum, but he's a pretty big figure, I'm more surprised to see SoA just for the fact (as far as i know), he's just a popular youtuber.