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A feminist giving everyone an equal airing?

I don't believe it's it ain't gonna happen. The MRA guys are are probably going to be painted as fat neckbeard autists who can't get laid, and there will be much feminist lolling.

And I bet $200K of the funding money was from them.

EDIT: I am prepared to make a full apology on Voat and YouTube if I'm wrong.


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Actually there is every indication she will give a fair share. A that and every SJW on Twitter is opposing and trying to discredit her now.

Her interview with Sargon was great.


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<<hopes internally>>


[–] Cid ago 

Wow she even hit up SoA? I was surprised to see Elum, but he's a pretty big figure, I'm more surprised to see SoA just for the fact (as far as i know), he's just a popular youtuber.

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She is supposedly making it a subplot of the docu that she comes to shed her own views as a feminist. It really sounds like they opened her eyes.

The original article from Milo Y on breitbart that spurred the kickstarter taking off talked about how her feminist-leaning funders backed out on her when they found out she was going to give the MRAs a fair shot. The fact that she forged ahead and didn't yield to their pressure shows something.

I share your suspicion about these kind of things, but this thing has decent potential, I think.

Here's the Milo article:


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The clip she shows is actually more for the men's rights movement than the women's rights. So if she goes back on that...well then she has other issues anyway.