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Microaggression theory goes back to the early 1970s, so it isn't all that new. If you are hearing more about it now than you used to, I'd guess this might be because kids who have learned about it in college are now very active on social media and feel entitled to scold others. Many of those I see using it today are relatively privileged and White. They seem to have recognized that accusing others of racism, sexism, and various other "sins" is a very effective way to justify treating others poorly without feeling guilty about doing so.

When I am accused, I don't necessarily feel like I need to say anything. Attempting to defend oneself against a social justice warrior is usually futile.


[–] ILikeMyDogNotYours 0 points 32 points (+32|-0) ago 

LPT: Never ever try to prove you are not racist to your accuser. The minute you try and do so, you effectively have conceded that they are the moral authority on what is, and isn't , racist. Thus, they are your judge, jury, and executioner, and they are not open to changing their minds.

Rather, when you are accused, ask them to explain how they came to that conclusion. 9 times out of 10, their conclusions involved some bigoted assumptions on their end, and you can pick them apart over it. When you do it this way, you set the tone that their assertion is empty and must be proved.

typically it will flow in one of a few paths.

  1. Their rebuttal includes some form of ad hominem, or personal bias. Thus, you can call them on their hypocrisy.

  2. They double down on their claim, without providing an argument. You then challenge them directly on their motives, stating that whatever you said was politically disagreeable and that they simply wanted to silence you.

It works amazingly well.


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It works amazingly well.

It's called using a logical argument. You have the upper hand if you do that since the majority of SJWs are incapable of logical arguments


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That's brilliant.


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Many of those I see using it today are relatively privileged and White.

In every incident I have seen it's the exact opposite.

And, one suggestion for "don't need to say anything" noted.


[–] zippo 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I've never met anyone belonging to any actual minority doing that. I mean, I've seen it on the internet, but people I've seen pull this in real life (meaning at work, almost exclusively) were white, and the vast majority of them were men.

Another unifying factor is that these people are almost always completely useless. They're using this to cover their utter incompetence - noone will dare fire them because there's a big potential for a PR nightmare - the company is mortified of being labeled a place that "abuses women" by the tard crowd at Twitter, especially since we develop software and there's already a lot of people on the internet screeching about how every IT company is basically a rape factory.

There's something... strange, about watching a (white) Australian man absolutely lose his shit and tear into a designer from eastern Europe who makes about a quarter of what he does, because the designer made a presentation that included a drawn picture of a group of people somewhere in the background, and the picture didn't have any female-looking figures in it. It's even stranger when the designer that this jackass is screeching at for being "misogynistic" is a woman. That one was completely surreal.

The social justice crowd at the corporation I work at are exclusively white Americans, most of them men as well. The company employs thousands of Indians and Chinese and eastern Europeans who get yelled at by these people for "abusing their privilege" and that sort of shit. Sometimes one of these people gets fired because they dared politely tell a rampaging SJW to cool it.


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God yes. Never try to defend yourself again someone slinging vague insults.

For women, it would be accusations of "slut/whore/etc". There is no point turning around and saying "I'm a virgin and waiting until marriage" or "I bet I've had fewer partners than you" or "it takes two to tango" or "what's wrong with sex?" because, by doing so, you've given them the right to judge you.