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[–] pcdude 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago 

Well, at least, through inheritance, we can be relatively assured that our children will be the wealthy ones, as the wealth concentrates into the few whites that are left.


[–] MGTOW_Xui 4 points 8 points (+12|-4) ago 

Hahaha, get fucking real dude. The older generation's prosperity came at the expense of the younger generation, especially the average (read: average!) white male having any opportunities. Sending our jobs overseas and then telling us "just go to college" (and wrack up STUDENT LOAN DEBT). And then they take our tax money (ie, white men's money because white men pay the most taxes) and hand it over, for free, to women and minorities.

Whatever "wealth" our parents have left over is going to be spent, $5,000/month at a time, on nursing homes and medical care so they can live an extra 20 useless, unproductive years.

People say our generation is the selfish, entitled one. Yeah right, gimme a break. We're not selfish for being mad that our parents were vampires.

Where I live barely anyone under 30 has a job, meanwhile you go shopping or to the doctors office and the only people you see working are people with grey hair. Or minorities.

If you're a white male you're better off marrying a Filipina, moving to the Philippines, renouncing your US citizenship and farming bananas.