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Sane people aren't all right with their nation being turned into Islamic colonies just because you saw a sad (staged) picture in the news.


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Not me. My first assertion was that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were once cute little refugee boys fleeing persecution in their homelands. The only 6-year-old we should be remembering is the Bruins fan from Dorchester, Martin Richard, those sweet little refugee angels killed.

Aylan isn't Elian Gonzalez either. Elian would have been raised by family members who were anti-Castro and pro-America. Aylan, though the name is similar (hm, sounds like the propagandists are recycling their cast of characters), would have been raised by his own family, who subscribe to a medieval cult of blood sacrifice that believes the words of the Arab version of Charles Manson to be 100% true.

Supposedly, a 6-year-old girl also drowned recently off the coast of Greece. No picture of her, though. If "the children" are so important, why should we give a shit about Aylan and not about the other girl? Because giving a shit about the girl would be offensive to the woman-haters club these cavemen belong to?


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Their needs, from a humanitarian perspective, are to return to their countries and sort out the problems there. Can you imagine people from the U.S. fleeing their country because of an influx of people? Not bloody likely.

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