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NO ONE ever challenges this statement when it is said. perhaps when people utter this "fact" it should be addressed at that moment instead of letting it go by.


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Fox News (The supposed bastion of right-wing politics) doesn't even call them out starting at 2:15 a fat gross tumblrite utters that statistic and it goes unchallenged.

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You're forgetting one simple fact: the vast majority of people are fucking idiots and don't even know that it's not true.

The ones who do are probably afraid to speak up about it because then they get called sexist.


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Ought to get the real sexists to say something.

"Women, make as much as men, and that needs to change!" lol, maybe then they'd believe it, the rule is: as long as it offends them they'll believe it, right?


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A lot of people are starting to get it. Even feminists on reddit have surprisingly pointed it out recently

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