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Way to keep it above the table. I did not belittle or disrespect anyone, but you went straight to the insults. If you read my post, I said she should do the marriage license as the government has a total monopoly in this instance.

The part about the conscientious objector status is a well known legal standing. This is why you don't see the Amish in the military, even though all men over 18 are required to register for selective service. Only when you get into abortion and gay politics do the absolutists come into play.

The gay rights movement has moved away from "All we want is equality" to "You will be made to care and approve of our choice! If you don't we will destroy you!"


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Asshole, in the context used, was: A. A quote from the movie "Liar Liar," B. Directed at Kim.

Lastly, she's an officer of the court, if she can't follow the laws she cannot perform her job. As a public servant she doesn't need to approve. No one cares if she approves. She must comply.


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Even more lastly, she wasn't drafted to be a clerk. She applied. Conscientious objection applied to bring made to do something by force. If Amish people apply to the army now and don't follow orders they get discharged. There is no draft.