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Get her a US Army lunchbox.


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This is BRILLIANT. Now I almost hope that I get a letter like this from my kid's school one day just so I can use this idea. Then if the school whines about that, too, I can say "DON'T YOU SUPPORT THE TROOPS, YOU TRAITOR?!" Haha!


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Just forward the letter to the NSA then.


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Ianal but I am pretty sure the Federal government has a few things to say about banning the US Army insingia in a workplace, private or public. It may not be the child's "place of work," but somebody works at this school, and harrassing the child for brandishing Army propaganda is likely forbidde.

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Those two fucks ruined my chances of ever wearing a trench coat to school. I really was looking forward to wearing a trench coat. Fuckers made me waste money.


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Friends were big into playing quake. And some were pretty goth(weirdos) but none of them were violent or depressed types. Then the big myth came out the columbine shooters were bullied goth kids part of the trench coat mafia or some shit. School I worked at went full retard and banned black trench coats, leather jackets, and video game shirts depicting violent games. They also kicked out one kid for drafting a layout of the high school. Later as it turned out the columbine shooters weren't part of the trench coat mafia, and a lot of students reported them as the bully jock types. They even targeted Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails at my school because one of the shooters wore a def leopard shirt? Shit doesn't make sense.