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In response to Sander's 12-point plan which just supports the failed staus-quo in DC ( which marches to the drumbeat of left-wing authoritarianism )

1 We have too much infrastructure now that we cannot afford. This is why it is crumbling. FDR and Eisenhower created a bubble in infrastructure from which we will never recover. With an $18 trillion dollar debt, we cannot afford what we have now much less repair it. All this is is a subsidy to the public unions at the cost of prosperity to the American taxpayer. The solution is to sell off what the states cannot afford and let the private sector take it over without having to tax anyone for maintenance.

2 As we have seen with the parade of bankruptcies with green energy companies despite receiving subsidies like the oil companies from the government, alternative energy is not ready for prime time and is nowhere close to prime time. The Europeans are learning this which is why countries like Germany are building 10 new coal plants because the promises made about alternative energy have not materialized nor will they for the foreseeable future. And again this is just a subsidy for special interest industries at the cost of prosperity for the tax payer bot in taxes taken and prices paid for their energy bills.

3 There are over a dozen programs now to help workers and everyone of them has failed. before you add anything new ( which the federal government shouldn't since there is no authorization for such policies in the Constitution ) , scrap what has failed first.

4 Unions already have it easy with laws that force non-union members to pay union dues anyways and programs in most states that preclude state governments and related industries from hiring non-union labor. besides as we have seen with the manufacturing centres, the automotive industries and recently Hostess .. unions kill businesses and job, they do note create any new jobs .

5 The goal of the minimum wage is to outlaw low paying jobs for the unskilled and inexperienced. The law, simply, says: it is illegal, and therefore criminal, for anyone to hire anyone else below the level of X dollars an hour. This means, plainly and simply, that a large number of free and voluntary wage contracts are now outlawed and hence that there will be a large amount of unemployment. Remember that the minimum wage law provides no jobs; it only outlaws them; and outlawed jobs ( unemployment ) are the inevitable result.

6 Pay should be determined by merit not by gender

7 This is a government-created problems since you cannot have trade agreements without protecting special interests .... The easiest thing to do is revoke all trade treaties and let businesses trade with whom they want without any government interference

8 Until you remove the money the government is pumping into the education industry ( like it did in the housing industry until the government-created bubble popped) you will never get prices to lower for education. That means revoking Title IV, Pell Grants and other loans, entitlements, and subsidies

9 Won't happen until you break up the Federal Reserve, it is the biggest bank there is and it supports all the other banks under it.

10 So we can go the way of France and have death panels .. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/dec/13/terminally-ill-allowed-to-be-put-into-deep-sleep-u/ .... Pass on that bullshit

11 These programs already consume nearly 2/3rd of the budget and are bankrupting the nation and show no signs of success. Adding more debt to the $18 trillion dollar debt we currently have is only going to get the US downgraded and making the interest on the debt be the biggest expense in the budget

12 I can support this if it is simplified and taxes lowered so people can keep more of their own money and then grow the economy instead of allowing government to steal it and flush it down an incinerator of deficit spending

Bernie's plans are not original and history has shown them to never work ... but the "fell good" message he peddles selling this failed ideas makes him a very dangerous snakeoil salesman and no different that Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush


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Shit man, you finally found a place where this is actually on topic! I'm so proud of you!


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Socialism is like the @brother_tempus bat-signal.


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It feels weird not hitting the report spam button.


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Brother Jeebus,

  • Why would the private sector buy surplus infrastructure?

  • Germany

  • ?

  • Unions do not intend to create jobs; they intend to protect workers from exploitation.

  • I suppose that is one unhistorical way of confusing minimum wage.

  • Explain this to an Indian accountant.

  • Just get rid of government entirely. Take the extra step, brother.

  • Never is a big word, but you are saying something with a semblance to reality here.

  • I doubt you understand money.

  • Be careful, voat is full of Europeans who may know something.

  • Methinks some economists would think you talking shit, my friend.

  • Trade in corn and keep your spoils. And, if the gov incinerated your tax dollars, your wallet would be worth more. So, stop complaining.

Bernie is not original: he acknowledges the obvious success of these policies in northern Europe.

Failed message? Do you have a passport, or only travel via Fox?


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I'll take the load off of @brother_tempus

The private sector will buy it because toll roads and bridges are popular.

Germany is an industrial manufacturing and fabrication heavy economy we are a service economy and taking away our last major industry when we have finally become a net exporter could collapse our energy markets.

... Do I skip this one?

Unions restrict the right to work and coerce workers into tithing to a private company that they do not want to – imagine if you were forced to give your boss money even if you didn't want to.

Minimum wage prices out jobs and causes the exportation of American Jobs to low wage countries and economies. Some jobs just aren't worth minimum wage.

Pay should be determined by added value and merit of employees by the employer not by some government formula – do you see anyone who wants to start a government job at GS-1 and retire at GS-10?

I don't know which kind of indian you are talking about so clarify what you meant and we can talk.

The government has real roles and subsidizing industries at the same time you are complaining about inflation of the costs of said industries is asinine and illogical as well as being a positive feedback loop of perpetual inflation until the bubble created pops.

Getting rid of the Fed would allow for better US monetary policy or at least the restructuring of how it is run and controlled.

Europeans in France and England will tell you the same thing when it comes to healthcare and that is that now instead of a private company telling you that the surgical procedure will not be covered by your premium it is that your surgical procedure will not be covered by your taxes and you can't exactly drop your government and look for a new one without a revolution or looking for a new country to call home.

You're missing a large amount of what the economists are saying in that if we go beyond 19.9T there is realistically no turning back form a financial standpoint without a de/revaluation of our currency and debt forgiveness that will rock the world wide economy for 15 years. Interestingly enough France can tell you about what happens when you raise taxes too much.

He was talking about the economic policy and the economy not your actual cash in your wallet.

Bernie is not original Stalin came before him, and Marx before him, he is a socialist and every true socialist in history has had their country ravaged by debt and collapse unless they nationalized their massive oil wealth and even Norway and Sweden are hurting.


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Why would the private sector buy surplus infrastructure?

Why do they buy taxis,

why did they build bullet trains an track?

why do they build crusise shiops

why do they build airliens?

Why are they building passenger spacecraft

Supply/Demand ... you needd to read some books on basic economics

Unions do not intend to create jobs; they intend to protect workers from exploitation.

And they fail miserably as we saw with the manufacturing industry, the steel industry and the auto industry


building 10 new coal plants becuase green energy does not work ( especially in winter times with those turbines ( they have to build small power plants to keep them warm enough to work )

I suppose that is one unhistorical way of confusing minimum wage.

the facts I sourced disprove your unsourced opinion

Just get rid of government entirely.

That would be the best solution , but just having it obey the law ( Constitution ) is solid middle ground

Explain this to an Indian accountant.

Not my problem .. my problem is Sander's push for bigotry since he is running for president ... that is a problem

Never is a big word,

but no less factual especialy when history shows it to be true

I doubt you understand money.

You lack of any proof or rebutrtal only shows that you do not understand money

Be careful, voat is full of Europeans who may know something.

The flaming economic cesspool known as the EU disproves your statement

Methinks some economists would think you talking shit, my friend.

You mean the ones that never saw the housing bubble coming despite people talking about since 2002

The curious task for Keynesian economics is to demonstrate to men of the State and their supporters how little they really know about what they imagine they can design


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AGREE !00%. Burnie wants to finish bankrupting our country. He seems to forget about out 18+ tillion dollar debt as do most of the other condidates except Trump.


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He is communist you idiot. America is capitalist. Nigga is in the wrong country.


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Thanks for the insight, badger77.


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That's some hardcore strawmanning. You forgot "if you want to gas Jews", though, so I can only give you 7/10.

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Why not support Sanders?

Because his policy positions are batshit crazy.


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He would hurt the people he says he is trying to help while increasing our debt while burdening future generations with shit they need to maintain for others. Other than that he sounds like a nice guy.


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Someone might interrupt him and he'd be all like "what do?"


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If you are going to support Sanders, you should do it based on his policy positions which have been the same for an awful long time. You have 2 option, re-read brother_tempus' rant or go to take a handy quiz to see which poll most closely fits your views: https://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz

For me Bernie wins.


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Because he is a socialistic populist. Also he is a weak person who can't even stand for himself against few BLM female apes. How would he stand for America against China, Russia and others?

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