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Yeah I don't want the government to own the means of production.

As the right defines it, social welfare programs, market regulations, public education are all socialism.


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Rather have socialism where the government owns the means of production than the capitalism system where the means of production own the government. Seriously everyone makes socialism out to be a bad thing because we still have the legacy of McCarthyism. Some regulations are needed and some checks on businesses are necessary. The socialism of today just states that those using the resources owe the rest of us certain things for the privilege. Instead of the present system where the people exploiting us feel they are owed special priviledges.


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I think you are confused with communism. Socialism is a big word, but it never includes controlling the means of production.

And, ignore the right: public ed, welfare and environmental protection are socialism. Such policies defend the 'commons' and remove them for being treated as capital. A few weaseled a bit of this respect for the commons into America's founding (public education, powerful House, strictly limited central gov) but then we immediately set about serving the landed class. One can see this nascent socialist movement in early Alaskan politics. Once oil interests get involved, then suddenly the state thinks its red.


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Socalism also means workers owning the means of production

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Right? So why all the hub bub? Socialist policies have existed in America since it's founding.

What was the Louisiana purchase other than socialism?

Public education since the 1830s