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I don't, because I don't like his policies, and I think putting an ego as massive as his at the head of a potential police state is incredibly dangerous. If we're not careful, we could end up with a dictator.

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well it would never happen in america but historically every populist nation in south america became a dictatorship

i think 2 didnt? columbia and mexico


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If we're not careful, we could end up with a dictator.

You know how we have those three branches of government that would prevent exactly this from ever becoming possible? Our political system has proven extremely effective at preventing anything significant from happening.


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I don't think he'd be like that. He's a delegator. We'd have a great delegator.

He'd be like this:

We pushed through the deal, and as a little sweetener I've given myself 5% of the Isreali arms deal, hey, I deserve it ok? Also, what do you say we add some pizazz to the whitehouse eh? A grotto would look good on the lawn, near my help pad but not too near, I need a wet bar there too, and some tasteful plastic pink flamingos.