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No it's actually not pretty positive. It's typical sneering liberal faggotry that seeks to condescend to the public. That's why these faggot cowards always refer to trump as a "clown". It's an easy way to dismiss his message by demonizing his character.


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No, your wrong. That article almost convinced me to support Trump being a non-supporter. It seems clear you didn't read the entire thing - because the article is introduced as being anti-trump and ends pro-trump:

If you’re keeping score, in the past month Trump has bitch-slapped the entire Republican Party, redefined our expectations of politics, focused the national discussion on immigration, proposed the only new idea for handling ISIS, and taken functional control of FOX News. And I don’t think he put much effort into it. Imagine what he could do if he gave up golf.

Also consider it was written by the author of Dilbert. i.e. It's obviously intended to be humorous.

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