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Yeah, I would vote for Bernie though.

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I come from a state that has virtually no gun control and it turns out one of the safest states in the country. I come from a state where tens and tens of thousands of people hunt and do target practice. I understand that guns in my state are different than guns in Chicago or Los Angeles" ... "“We will not succeed on this terribly important issue if we continue the cultural warfare between urban America and rural America, and I think I’m in a good place to bridge that gap,”


Seems like a sensible answer to me. There's always more to the vote than just the "Nay".


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His record is asinine? He voted NO for the Patriot act, NO for domestic electronic surveillance, NO for the 2008 bailouts, NO for the Iraq War.

And so what if you don't agree with his stance on guns... that's just one issue. Nobody's perfect, so why are you looking for perfection in a politician?


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Bernie is going to get the ole Ron Paul treatment (if he is for real). If he doesn't get the Ron Paul treatment then buyer beware.


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He already is getting the Ron Paul treatment. Just look at how the media is ignoring him.... it's going to be tough to give him the Ron Paul treatment during the debates because 1) the gop had like 200,000 candidates so it was easy to give Paul minimal air time 2) the dems don't have the luxury of a large candidate pool, thus they have to give him a good amount of air time... they are attempting to circumvent this by limiting the amount of debates they hold.


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Hey a sense-maker! Why would "voting for trump" ever even need to be uttered...