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Sounds about right actually

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I'm 100% dominion just wanted money, whoever pays more wins

[–] PhilKDick [S] ago 

Too bad that dems have all that wall street and big tech money. But crooks of either party are bad for America

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HAHA ABSOLUTELY. He will be caught anyway the cuck.

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Except for the fact Stacy Abrams is a fat nasty piece of shit only niggers liked and

all the far left shilled hard for her and dropped millions in Georgia for her.

[–] PhilKDick [S] ago 

My theory is that she cheated in Fulton County the old-fashioned way, and he cheated with the help of Dominion. Kemp, as secy of state, helped officiate his own gubernatorial election.

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Didn't stacey abrams allege this exact thing when she lost to him a couple years ago? Now she's celebrating like she's taking credit for the biden votes. Weird.

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Bingo. Did she truly win, against an underwhelming secy of state Kemp. Is the payback that she got to stack the deck against trump? And that kemp got his pick for senate, loeffler, to beat trump's pick, Rep. Doug Collins, in the 3 way race with warnock, so now warnock and loeffler have the runoff race?

[–] PhilKDick [S] ago 

She alleged fraud. Hell, she still says she won. But not sure she mentioned dominion, which usually favors the dems