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Just like Anderson Cooper only had a summer internship...

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Come on man! Sidney... just .. just hand over your proof to me.

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He was super supportive of George W and all his bullshit.

Hannity was worse and even claimed waterboarding wasn't torture and offered to be waterboarded. He never did.

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Waterboarding really isn't torture. In the scheme of things, It's pretty tame.

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Next time you and your boys are hanging out in the garage, give it a try. Its fucking crazy what it does to your brain. Only other time I felt like that was when I was a teenager fucking around on a float in a lagoon and got a lung full of water.

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How many 'journalists' are not undercover agents?

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reminds me of a WAR sang

[–] nephileon ago 

lol wow The reputation of tucker has been destroyed so quickly and so easily. Not that i'm saying it's a bad thing, just very amazed by the shit being dug up bout him now

[–] TripleZ ago 

I knew he'd be exposed as controlled opposition. The networks are owned by the CIA. Why would they allow a rogue conservative reporter spout conservative talking points? Pressure release. Keep the normies hoping there's someone fighting for them. Meanwhile, in this election, where it's looking like two factions are fighting, Tucker sucks the jew dick.

[–] OFFascist ago 

Yep, I was just listening to BlackPilled earlier when he brought this up. Interesting stuff.

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