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Many are brainwashed by jews that everyone here is rich and that they can get rich too only to realize it was all bullshit. And then they are brainwashed again by the jews that tell them that they are oppressed by Whitey and they're entitled to the gibs. Then they are brainwashed some more that if they can eat the rich then they will have their shackles freed and can live in a communist paradise. I think many (not all) but many are not aware. I think blacks are completely unaware with few exceptions, some Hispanics know but as a group they are also unaware. They see this country as a buffet and they plan to stuff their faces as long as we let them.

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Jews have proven that the tech CAN be taken away.

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Add taxes to that.

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It's jealousy. Shitskin and kike/mudkike subhumans are INTENSELY jealous of white civilization, and want to destroy it because they can't create, copy or maintain it.

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no, they are told all white people are racist= evil and not deserving of the wealth they have and so the brown people are entitled to get at that wealth by any means they can get away with.

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No, niggers/shitskins want to cuck and destroy us (take our women, jobs, money, lives, children, etc.) and Asians are here either because their parents were here and they are "stuck" or they came here for White dick/puss (they rarely get the puss).

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This guy from my work asked this Chink "isn't Canada a white country" and this faggot smug chink replied.

Canada isn't a white country, what gave you that idea"

Basically they think they're fucking helping.. muh multiculturalism and shit.

Disgusting dog eating bugmen..

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Chinese are not smarter or saner. They're bugmen, Japanese people are much better, great society, high middle class, manners .. The Chinese are fucking obnoxious cunts.. Fuck them

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Things are better and easier in our countries then they are in their countries. They don't ask themselves how this happened, they just want the free stuff. When one monkey steals a peach from another monkey, he doesn't ask himself whether he deserved it, he just takes it. Blacks and browns are not introspective, they just want more of everything. And they are not capable of creating societies that will give them more on their own, so they want more from us.

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Slavery has always been a part of human civilization, or its equivalent. Some poor fucker has to haul away the shit and pick the vegetables. Whether those people were called serfs, slaves, "untouchables" or low wage workers it's basically the same. Civilization requires an underclass of people.

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Red Man frequently wonders why too

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