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The left have become babies. I remember in college how triggered they would get when I simply asked certain questions or heaven forbid debated them. They didn't want debate they wanted obedience. I never thought they would get more fragile after that. What a fool I was!

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Yep. The Soviet psyop is designed to get progressively more unhinged over time -- Marcuse (Critical theory) and Faocault (Postmodernism) were both obviously communist agents... especially once the Yuri Bezmenov KGB defector interviews are considered. The top of the USSR knew the ideology was nonsense. It was designed to decouple objective reality from the national discourse ultimately leading to collapse of advanced system(s). Which would have enabled a Soviet takeover had the USSR still been around.

Here is some of the academia criticism of the "woke" cult: https://newdiscourses.com/

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It all sounds like a lot. It's all so tiresome. I just wish they would just off themselves since this is getting insane. It has been insane for quite some time.

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Thank you for the link and for taking the time to point out the origins of where this poisonous ideology comes from.

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the left have always been estrogenic quivering cowards.

and the buttburt they will experience will probably some from shock. I'm fine with that.

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Emotionally volatile is excellent. If you see a graffiti "OPEN BORDERS" just add "FOR ISRAEL" and watch the news the next day. Exploding heads are just too nice.

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That would be amusing....

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shit when I was in college the libs were protesting the Gap for chinese slave labor lol. Most people couldn't stand them. Few people ever talked politics.

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Cenk is a Fat Fuck Retarded Sand Nigger.

Burn in Hell kikenigger.

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He advocated for legalizing beastiality.

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How else is he supposed to legally fuck his mother?

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With all animals? Or just bunnies?

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He's gaslighting his followers. He knows Biden tried to steal the election. He's not stupid, but his followers are.

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I believe most of the more intelligent Democrats know that the fix was in on this election to make Donald Trump lose, but they are so filled with hatred for Trump, and so immoral, they don't care.

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I'm not so sure. I've spoken with many democratic boomers. What they feel is righteous fury. You may think this is insane, but that would just be a gross misunderstanding of human nature and the environment of your typical faggot boomer.

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He posted in Caps, that adds veracity.

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Sounded like crying to me when I read it.

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Me too. Interesting. It's the childish screeching of someone incapable of expressing their ideas, but doing the very best that they can. You know, like when you see children not get what they want, throw themselves on the ground, scream, cry, go into whole-body spasms.

Just chuckle, shake your head, and consider how misguided and immature this person is.

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He's reacting to this: https://twitter.com/RudyGiuliani/status/1330331934745047045

Looks like the Supreme Court might actually happen.

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Vegan diet makes you erratic and agressive. You can't think clearly on a vegan diet. Which is why the rich jew pedos push it as the humanitarian and intelligent option. It's the same as atheism.

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The media has run non-stop disinformation/misinformation since even before Trump won so it's not even surprising they have just resorted to blatant gaslighting in the media lately.

They act like witness testimony isn't evidence and the critical theory/postmodernism chilling effect is so embedded into American culture that many have to pretend to agree with the false consensus which will make the left even crazier.

Yuri Bezmenov was right.

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I want Trump to win this for a multitude of reasons. I'm giddy with anticipation they will get stupid and I'll get a chance to have at them.

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That's the reason I want to see Trump pull this off. The collective leftist meltdown will make the 2016 election look like a drop in the ocean.

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