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I heard that Trumps court battle isn't based on proving fraud. It's based on proving the unconstitutionality of extending the deadline for mail in ballots. Trump constantly tweeting about the vote fraud and cheating is just to keep the MSM busy and oblivious.

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That's honestly a better angle I think. We can see all the statistical signs of fraud and anyone unbiased sees it as a farce, but judges are going to play dumb to that and require overwhelming evidence just to turn over a few thousand votes. Overturning the whole change in mail-in voting seems like a long shot, but more clear cut legally to prove.

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Doesn't matter - Trump's chances of flipping several states is slim to none especially since media establishes status quo in deciding who is the de facto president. Supreme Court and judges are not immune to this psychological technique.

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They didn't even get to present their evidence? What a fucking load.

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This true, normally its a risky move, but in this case it can get expedited.

It would have been better if PA just caved and allowed full audit of all signatures, but this allows federal courts to lay the smack down.

And if not good enough... then Supreme court.

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Soooo trust the plan?

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Well the plan is to move the case out of a biased court, so in this case, yes actually.

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Look at that bug eyed soy bitch judge! What a piece of shit!

I swear, at least half of this country needs put to the sword before this is done.

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Just evil being evil. They think it's clever, don't see the BRICK wall coming up FAST on their rocket ride to the "top". They (at this level) are "ALL IN". NOTHING will change their course. DEATH by execution is their fate. They are DEFINATELY delusional about that REALITY.

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Ok guys, I know Trump didn't present any evidence to the court this time, but he will surely deliver to the Third Circuit, let's just wait

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They didn't allow him to present evidence *

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Yes they did, the only thing not allowing him to present evidence of his win is the fact he lost the election.

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The numbers don't lie

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Also judge ruled tat it is ok because BOTH rep and dem observers were kept far away. Now it is established that the law of 6 feet was broken. Should be a slam dunk for SCOTUS! LOL!!!!