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All war fighter hardware and software is proprietary to the US military. It is intentional so chinks cant control our jets.


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It was designed to be flawed and hyper expensive to operate.

It wasn't nicknamed the flying pig for nothing.

And the UK carriers are full of these fucking things!

[–] meowski ago 

Agile is the worst lmao. that'll teach em

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muh China

Fuck off.

China can't even program a fucking Airliner. Do you honestly think chinks could figure out a tactical fighter jet?

but muh China

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Considering average IQ in china is a full 5 points higher thant the USA, absolutely, yes they can.

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It takes more than IQ. Try a culture dedicated to excellence.

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Trump has worked damn hard to mitigate this stinky pig. Ok, him and a lot of good people.