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what a farce

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Jews paid him off....

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Yes, goy! Watch the new star wars with a trans black gay hero vanquish the all white empire.

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Is anybody going to sue him so the SCOTUS can strike his tyrant ass down?!?!?!?

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The very idea of "essential workers" is a surrender to communistic total control by central planners.

If you accept some person, or a committee, or anything other than the free market as the arbitrar of what services are "essential," then you have become a slave.

You let someone else define what is vital; you hand over your freedom to decide what you need; you await the orders of your master.

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Yes, eternally, pathologically immature, pretentious, delusional, "artists" / libertines deserve freedom far more than employees....

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Can you make a Citizen's Arrest on a politician?