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He's the front man for jewish agenda of importing the third world into nations. When he dies his agenda just continue with his son or as some front company/charity with a double-speak Orwellian name. At his age he ain't doing shit really anyway, the agenda is already being handled by other jews or his son in the background. I'm trying to find the picture of Kamala and Soros' son taking a picture together, but can't find it, so i'll link this instead:


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He needs to be arrested and his wealth seized so it cannot pass down to his just as evil son. Then he needs to be Epsteined in prison, and his son in a car or plane crash, or a drug OD from his trying to cope with his grief.

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Epstein is probably alive and well hiding away in some other exotic mansion.

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Great post, thanks for sharing that info

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From the article: "Hungary and Poland are clashing with the EU establishment and its globalist allies after their recent decision to veto its proposed seven-year budget, which contained provisions that, in the view of Polish justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro, would have reduced them to “political and institutionalized enslavement“."

So yeah. Soros is using corrupt EU politicians and blackmail in an attempt to fuck over both Hungary and Poland. The EU is corrupt. Soros is just a motherfucker with absurd amounts of money and power pushing hard for his global agenda. He really wants to destroy and rebuild everything under one world government.

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He's the fucking devil incarnate.

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We got a lot of those. The world could use an IRL version of Doom Guy. A version of him from before they hijacked the IP like every other one for the sake of subversion and turned him into a furry faggot.

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I would like to know who the most powerful, most evil person ( if it is actually a person) is on this planet that all of the "cabal" answers to. It's not Soros , of course. When this shit is all done, I hope that name and face is revealed to the world.

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Jacob Rothschild

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I would assume that dude answers to somebody else as well.

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Is it just coincidence Dominion Voting Machine company in same office building in Toronto as Soros company?

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More like evil...

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Vladamir has had a bounty on soros head for years. I applaud him. The rest of the world needs to do the same!!! This fucking piece of shit needs to be erased off planet earth!!

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Looks like a gay jew squirrel that overpacked his cheeks with shekels

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