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Because think of the insult they're FEELING being QUESTIONED. They NEVER question themselves, why should WE get to. They are PROGRESSIVE (degenerate actually) by their OWN reckoning, who are WE to question ANYTHING they say or DO? Lying to us is GOOD for us, we wouldn't understand, because we aren't sophisticated about that sort of thing. investigations into what the TRUTH is, just make them look bad when they are actually good.

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It's like: Why do you have a problem with us questioning the holocaust if 6 million jews really died?

The truth does not fear investigation.

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The reason doesn't matter. Many people trust what the respectable news anchor tells them, then they repeat it in public so they can sound respectable too.

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Because they're afraid we're trying to cheat like they did and might do better than them.

[–] Bigz_Sarducci ago 

Rats hate being exposed.

[–] Archebishop ago 

Snopes fact checking (fantasy cashing) webtripe claims a claim about wisconsin having more votes than registered voters had been debunked. But that isnt the claim at all. While plenty wisconsin areas did not exceed or reach the same level as those eligible, sever counts did surpass amount of votes to votable registered people. Bitches literally out here anally deconstructing strawman

[–] jstressman ago 

This is kind of dumb to even ask. It's obvious. They believe they already won. Any further investigation puts that at risk. They don't care if it's valid, or if there's probably nothing wrong. An investigation is higher risk to their victory than not investigating. You don't have to like it, but it's kind of stupid to keep asking the question like the answer isn't patently obvious. They want to win. Period. They think they already have and want nothing to do with anything that jeopardizes that win, no matter how slightly or how justified.

[–] AllDancingCrap ago 

Because the threat is for the farce to be uncovered. That is orwelian double speak right there. Gaslighting or whateverr

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