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So hear me out I’m thinking these ballots were done as in-person ballots where the person was going to be absent later so they just did early vote. The database system has fields for mail and return dates but since it wasn’t actually mailed they both got set to DateTime.Today.

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Fake media and phony Democrat cucks are trying to steal this election, but not on our watch!!

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What are you going to do about it you limp dick losers? Throw a tantrum on Twitter like daddy Trum🅱️?


Biden won and Trum🅱️ is going to jail, deal with it.

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One day. People like you. Will be silent and cowering.

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Yet nothing to see here, "These are not the droids you are looking for"....

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So is this story real or bull shit?

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Unleash The Crackpots !!

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Its real, but 11 days prior by others he copied information from.

True fraud proven by Chinese anti-nationalists though long ago, he is copying others work.

3.1 million rows possible, he scanned less than one third.

ELEVEN days ago, before this video made, anti-china chinese researchers said the same in this chinese link over a week ago : https://www.epochtimes.com/gb/20/11/9/n12536863.htm , so i guess other people did the same experimental scan, or he replicated others work.

Archive from a over a week ago : https://archive.is/u5KfT

But at least he made a video of it, and the chinese people on Nov 10 at 4AM only provided screenshots of the 11,000 at : https://www.epochtimes.com/gb/20/11/9/n12536863.htm


November 10, 2020 : Tens of Thousands of Ballots Arrived Before Their Sent Date in Pennsylvania: Researcher


Video of the american guy keeps getting deleted, here is a catbox of the american :


Pennsyvania edited the 3.1 million records, to eliminate the proof, then got caught, so they just deleted it all. They deleted ALL of it :



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Oy vey its china goyim!

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The GOOD china, The chinese that published all the biden porno videos.

The china that is ex-pat hong kong freedom fighters. The ones that published the fraud first 11 days ago : https://archive.is/u5KfT

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Obvious explanation: computer system simply put wrong dates on them.

EDIT: my point is that this will be the response, so be sure you have evidence that the dates weren't merely wrong. The stronger the evidence the better.

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The glitches are always innocent, there's so many of different types of them and they're always in Biden's favor.

How very (((convenient))).

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Exactly. True glitches would be generally random in which candidates they helped.

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your right, calling out confirmation bias doesnt make you a shill, being a gullible cuck on the other hand is more harmful than a shill could ever hope to be.

We know there was election fraud, but this i think falls under the 120 Yos voting biden, they all had the same Bday that was the computers default, so its weak evidence.

still worth sharing though, the election system shouldnt be that sloppy.

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the election system shouldnt be that sloppy.

Good point. Burden should be on them to prove that this was an error and provide physical proof of the correct dates, otherwise they get thrown out.