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Makes sense considering they all refuse to name the Jew.

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Zuckerberg and Tucker dinner transcript:

ZuckerJew: Tucker, Soros and I do need you to be a team player here. rubs tuckers inner thy

Tucker: giggles oh I love jewjewcum. Now I do expect a dradle spin of incentives for my shilling, master Zuckerberg.

ZuckerJew: Shekels will rain down upon you like an exploding menorah. awkward smile

Tucker: token high pitched shit eating grin laugh

Soros: appears in a hologram like Darth Vader from star wars Gooood. Good. Let the jew flow through you goy. Denounce your heritage. Denounce your Christianity. Sell your daughters to Hunter Biden and your journey to the Jew side will be complete.

check please.

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They all activated at the same time too

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It will NEVER cease to amaze me how many times Boomers can be surprised when Fox News betrays them.

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Each one loves the jews and hates Whties.

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No way could I sit down and have supper with that ugly shizzer.

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He strikes me as really stiff and awkward. I think I'd lose my appettite.

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To be honest, this doesn't seem like very interesting news to me. When you look at Facebook and all the controversy it constantly has with conservatives, it seems obvious why Zuckerberg would want to have dinner meetings with people like all of them. And I am not sure why any one of them would turn down such a meeting. I certainly wouldn't. You never know what he is going to say, and even if he mostly wanted to pump me for information, his questions would still be illuminating.

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Zuckerberg is at once interesting and boring. He's also used the dinner thing as a, "hey, I'm just a normal guy" thing. Having a surprise dinner witb a lower middle class family, having dinner with a refugee family, dinner with Obama. The press were invited to those dinners. Frankly, I didn't know that robots ate food.

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Yeah, you'd think they would worry about him shorting out if he spilled water or something.

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Democracy is just rule by the rich. You think any normal voter would be able to get private dinners with any of them?

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Normal citizens, no, but "refugees," yes.

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Tucker Carlson. You don't say. That is HIGHLY indicative of a HIDDEN AGENDA where Tucker (and the rest) counts himself, first and foremost as one of the elites and the REST of us as CATTLE. and THEY are attempting to be the subtle steering force of OUR herd.

DEATH TO TRAITORS. Put them on the list.

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Maybe he just wanted to see zuckbot's house

[–] thebearfromstartrack ago 

Would you DINE with the ENEMY? Jews even have a LAW against dining with NON Jews.

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Little Benny Shapiro that fucking faggot, I already knew he was an intellectual gatekeeper for neocons from the start but nope you still have civnat cucks saying "not all jews" because this guy is right wing.

[–] PhilKDick [S] ago 

I agree with you, including him being an intellecttual gatekeeper. But hearing intellectual and shapiro together, I automatically think 'pseudointellectual.'

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