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Absolutely!!! As a NH Resident we were declared a blue state when 80% of the state wasn't even counted???

The only people who i have spoken to who supported Pedo Joe was Boomers and Tranny Faggots. We have a few Liberal communities but in comparison NH IS A RED STATE.

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I feel better. I recall NH being live-free-or-die type republicans.

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We are, except.... towards or Coast and bordering communities overrun with Massachusetts Liberal fags and wealthy coastal communities.

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Im a NH resident and we have massholes moving out of that shithole state into our great state. We are probably 75 Repub and 25 Dem.

A huge second amendment state. I was pissed in 2016, 2018 and 2020 because the dems in this state are vile elitists from Mass.

Who leave the shit they voted for down there and then move away from it only to vote for it again... liberalism is a mental disorder.

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RINO Governor/Corrupt Bureaucrats State run by Shaheen/Clinton Cabal. Bill Shaheen in charge of machines.

[–] mlangley ago 

Bill Shaheen in charge of machines.

Key point, right here...

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I do some bidniss in NH

I know NH has a lot of faggots from NY and MA move there , but still think no fucking way Biden won

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Connecticut is getting up there too and these faggots are by large the worse!

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Put New Hampshire on the list for cleanup. PROBABLY a bunch of retired TRAITORS with FAT pensions living there I imagine. ALL SMUG and POMPOUS and self satisfied after a LIFETIME of ineffectual BULLSHIT or WORSE.

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Yes please, I tell my mass hole friends to stay in their sanctuary state, unless they're going to vote Republican

[–] thebearfromstartrack ago 

They think, I imagine, they are being "giving" when they are STEALING.

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Very much a Working class state other than at the coast and mass border se part of state. Lakes Region has a lot of Out of State money as homes are 750,000 and up in this very small area.

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SERVANTS of the LAKE region elites.

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It's not unheard of that the republicans would pick up seats federally and at the state level in legislatures while losing the Presidency. However, that's in normal year. This is 2020 where the left are raving mad lunatics conducting a soft social revolution, destroying cultural heritage and smacking people in the mouth with bike locks, burning down cities and looting stores. So, I'd say, yes, NH was stolen.

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"was trump robbed of--"


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So far it's unanimous. 2 for 2

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He was fucked everywhere....A bunch of fags think that he is "cheeto hitler" and illegal voting/election fraud is a small price to pay to stop hitler...isn't it? You can't hug a baby with nuclear arms!!! Cut your dick off and worship moloch, goyim!!

*side note, my little itty bitty tiny city had way too many votes and no fucking way did Biden get more than 3 votes in the region...this entire election was a scam to overthrow the president. It's a coup...heads should roll.

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We have 5 years of demonstrated, foaming-at-the-mouth motive to cheat and lie.

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NH was called for Trump then switched shortly before Florida was called.

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dems have been stealing elections for 50 years or more. The only difference with this election is that Trump had so much support that they had to manufacture so many votes to defeat him that now it's obvious. If the election had actually been close, then they would have cheated a little (just like always) and everything would look fine.

All these votes for president without votes for senate etc. are really clear evidence of fraud. One of two things happened: (1) they had rooms of people filling out ballots, and they were too big a hurry to fill out the whole ballot (2) they switched votes in the computer, and they were too goddamn stupid to also switch senate etc. votes.

There is no other plausible explanation. The left isn't even trying to craft an explanation.

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Yes. Before naming himself LBJ, Johnson was known as Landslide Lyndon, for stealing his first senate race by a handful of votes.

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You came so close to self-awareness in that comment.

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Say what you want to say or fuck off

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