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No, they’ve explicitly said they were interested in uniting and healing. I’m sure they’ll take any reversal well.

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classic example of this blatant and obvious hypocrisy was in 2016 day before the election when colbert claimed after all the election insanity no matter what happens the next day we needed to come together and heal as a nation. then trump wins and it was like that heartfelt plea never happened as he basically called for #resist.

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[Slow clap]

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Yes, they're setting us up for civil war. They've got both sides completely polarized. Now they just need to get both sides to fight each other. They've already got conservatives pissed, ready to fight, because we literally saw them commit election fraud. Once they "un-call" the election then the same thing will happen to the left. At that point all it will take is for them to set it all on fire with Antifa. I have no idea how it all plays out but firmly see the probability of civil war at a point way higher than what I'm comfortable with. We are so darn close.

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Don't forget to aim at the bankers

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As well as those in media, but the traitors and outright enemies in media come first.

Do not just assume that to mean old media; get the new as well, if not prioritize them. Bankers, yes. Kike politicians, yes. Everyone involved with the Federal Reserve, fuck yes, but media comes first.

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Its ALWAYS the bankers

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The bankers will be on their private retreats surrounded by mercenaries.

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You are correct sir

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Its amazing how effective the jews are at getting whites to kill eachother isnt it. We say no more brother wars yet we are already so eager to kill eachother.

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Yeah, well we don't really have a choice dude. They're openly saying on their own twitters that they will eventually kill us all. Even old stupid bitch ladies want us all dead... Women that should be nice grandma ladies say outright kill us...

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Killing of a traitor....where in the brochure does it say,not the white folk?

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I actually hope so. Take this away from them and watch them go nuts. Then like shooting fish in a barrel

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Shoot the bankers also

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Why, did you add that comma? Is, there something about punctuation they did not teach me? Are, you an american?

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It’s, almost as if “they”, called the election for Biden because he received, more votes in, enough states to, win, the electoral, college.

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[–] Teledildonicist [S] ago 

Well yes, except no, because the Democrats cheated better than the Republicans.

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This is the main reason I hope Zion Don makes a comeback, I wish a nigga would.

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Trump is such a Zionist, Israel has nutted already at the thought of a Biden Presidency? Logic doesn't add up. Please clarify.

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That’s a good point. Clearly he fell short for them.

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I wonder what israel's betrayal of trump impact will be?

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Yeah. That's what I'm expecting. I 🤔 no we have till inauguration day until the nest societal crash

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It's intentional. CNN should be the first to burn when CW happens

[–] friendshipistragic ago 

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