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God damn I hate riggers. You know... thick-lipped, flat-nosed, nappy-headed, room temperature IQ riggers.

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Wasn't long ago I would have flamed your comment. Now I find myself upvoting it.

EDIT: All upvotes on this comment should be switched to negative. After discussing this at length with a couple of Nazifags i realize they are every bit as much my enemy as the worst of ANTIFA and BLM.

All members of all three groups should be rounded up and thrown in the same pit.

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Isn't it amazing what a few riots can do? A few months ago I was all for integration provided there is no favoritism. Now I want them all to swim back to Africa and yes, I'm aware most of them can't swim.

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You just got redpilled? Lmao, stupid cuck.

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What was your previous opinion? (if you don't mind me asking)

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I had the misfortune of seeing the local news today in my shitlib city in the middle of Texas for the first time in years. They were interviewing some sheboon (for some reason every single nigger female seems to work for the state) who is in charge of some fund to try to get niggers out of prison. Can’t even understand what the fuck she’s saying and I have no idea how normie Shitlibs watch this shit and don’t realize how dumb niggers are. They pretty much had the dude doing the news cast translating for her from nigger speak. This bitch probably pulls in like 6 figures at least and has an iq of 80. “We tryin ta get people outta prison because dere be too many people in deah.” What a fucking joke.

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for some reason every single nigger female seems to work for the state

I believe US government was changed to only hire the unhirable dregs.

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"... dere be too many people in deah.”


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Can't really tell with his face tampon on. But a quick ocular stop and frisk tells me this nog bats for the other team.

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"Zero evidence of fraud."

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Show all your friends this fraud! Post it on Facebook and Teitter

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I want them all in prison for 5 years. No chance of parole. No bail.

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Tampering with the mail is a federal crime.

Tampering with elections mail is a bigger federal crime.

Recording yourself doing it... OMFG you are so stupid you probably shouldn't exist.

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The one upside of niggers this stupid, is that they're dumb enough to incriminate themselves lol

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Track this fucker down like the dog he is.

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Minimum sentence of losing their US citizenship.

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I'm pretty sure I just watched a crime that carries a five year sentence. Just a coincidence.

[–] heygeorge ago 

Do you like magic? I do.

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I'm okay with a hanging, too.

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This man should be doxed. 100%.

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Why are ALL nonWhites so fucking retarded that they record themselves committing crimes while streaming it online?

[–] performance 2 points 18 points (+20|-2) ago 

Tarrant is a fucking Saint. You can't compare him to niggers.

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He sacrificed himself for all of us, to atone for our sins of laziness and cowardice. He took our sins upon himself.

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Niggers aren't compatible with civilization.

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vote bailouts?

nig can't even noun

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Shouldn't be hard to identify this stupid nigger.

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