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Supposedly some guy in Uzbekistan created a basic script and has cancelled the votes of a few thousand Oregonians already. Reminder to vote in person this election.

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Reminder that voting does nothing and that only jewish puppets give a shit about it.

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I’m gonna walk in and piss all over the little voting station. Who’s with me? THEY CAN ARREST ALL OF US.

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You just want everyone to piss so you can see their dick.

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Here's a cap of the Uzbekibot post. I didn't catch that thread though. This is another Anon's grab re-posted later.

Emphasis that this "hack"/backdoor seems to be for the purpose of cancelling votes, not changing them from one party to another. It also allows dead people on the register to vote.

[–] Mittermeyer ago 

Yes you can't make them vote for a different party. Worth noting though that in some states they can change party affiliation. So someone could possibly change someone from dem to republican so they can't vote for Bernie in the primaries. However yes this is mostly for cancelling votes.

[–] Harpfor7 [S] ago 

Most regular computers are aware that there are ways to change one's location identity.

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Here's the Pol qrd: https://files.catbox.moe/zsqj6y.png

We're getting commenters in other threads here spreading counter-info. Suggesting that the votes remain un-changed, when what is really happening is that they're being cancelled upon completion of the new ballot request.

[–] Merlynn ago 

Be a real shame if someone used that info to keep changing the votes to Trump until they're crying about how on-line isn't secure.

[–] murface ago 

Oregon seems to be offline as I attempted to get in.