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Like I said, this degree of panic means they're protecting their own asses.

Okay next up is twitter? Which member of their leadership is on these drives?

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The thing you have to understand about politics is this. You’re looking at a king as a peasant. You’re a peasant. Your life means nothing. YourE subject to uhhh subjection. Yea that’s right. You’re like a rodent. Your life doesn’t matter. That being said sometimes a rodent rises up and kills a king. Unless you’re that rodent though you mine as well keep shoving cheese up your rodent cunt cauze your life means nothing.

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Now that op is posting he should post a picture of his dick

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You’re not funny you fucking retard

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What a coincidence

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exactly, not "unbelievable". they are all connected, marriage, blood, uni; it's incestuous.