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TFW you're still butt-hurt over the Russians refusing to even offer you a bribe because you're just not that important.

"Oh yeah!? I'll show you who's a minor apparatchik! I'll make you sorry! I'll make you all sorry!"

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The entire MSM is saying its Russian disinfo campaign, and that the CIA says Rudy has been work ng wife h Russian angents.nEvetynthing jas been dismissed by MSM.

[–] headfire ago 

Adam Schiff is just another retarded jew desperate for attention.

[–] Chimpfighter ago  (edited ago)

We must become judenfrei

[–] strange_69 ago 

Don't care, as long as the E-mails are real/legit.

[–] SaneandAware ago 

And the FBI is playing right along. Why Trump never fired Wray is beyond me, and it will be his downfall.

[–] Inaminit ago 

Not a very creative drudge, is he?